Arcadia Property Damage

            While there might be small incidents that occur occasionally at your home there are other ones that require professional attention.  Our water damage company comes into the picture when you have any problem that arises that needs immediate and high quality support.  It is important to have the proper restoration of your home so that future damages don’t rise from the ones you currently have.

Fire Damages: Cleaning Up the Ashes

            Fires are very damaging to homes, they can be small like kitchen fires to full blown house fires that can engulf and destroy your house completely.  Our water damage company team of professionals has received training to successfully go into your home and cleanup, remove and restore your property.

Some of these are the most common type of factors to start fires:

-Grease fires         -Overheating of household items        -Cigarette Smoking        

-Electrical/Wiring problems     -Flammable liquids

Our service comes into play after fires, we make sure to cleanup any leftover soot or ashes left by the fire. We do a complete restoration of the premises by cleaning up any other household item that may contain smoke or soot such as furniture, decorations, and any other type of appliances.  Don’t let a fire take your beautiful and wonderful house away from you; we will bring it back to what it once was.

Water Damage

 There is nothing more horrible than walking into a house filled with puddles that seem to come from out of nowhere. Flooding is a common occurrence in homes arising from a variety of reasons.

Top reasons for water damages:

-Burst pipes -rook leakages      -broken sprinklers -septic tank problem      

-toilet overflow

Contaminated water also known as “black water” poses a serious threat to everyone’s health as it can propagate serious problems.  Usually the most common type of consequence of contaminated water is mold, another type of problem that our professionals also exterminate daily.

Mold Damage

            Arcadia Pro Water Damage Company knows the severity of mold and what it can do to your house.  Most people just see mold as a problem, not being aware that it is a type of fungus that tends to spread under certain circumstances.  Commonly, moisture, contaminated water and warm temperatures are the biggest contributing factors from mold emerging inside your home.

-Moisture                      -Contaminated Water            -Warm Temperature

Removal of mold is long process that needs to be done right in order to prevent further damage. Our team makes sure that mold is removed completely and after everything is taken care of they will sanitize your entire property.

MOLD IS A SERIOUS HEALTH HAZAR that causes allergies and other major respiratory problems.


Call our emergency water damage company at our phone number, (626) 623-7288, we will arrive promptly within a moment’s notice. Our team of professionals works around the clock to make sure that you are assisted at your request.