Our water damage company offers one of the best property damage reparation in the State of California.  Our Arcadia emergency flood team / water damage team is legally certified by the health department and has the proper training to help your home or business.  The methodology that we employ is one the best in the country compared to other companies that might now offer the same as us.


Here are the essential steps to our services:

  1. Assessment:  Our technicians will arrive to make an evaluation of the damages present in your house.  These may be water, mold or fire related all of which will be handled with depending on the case. They will compile a report that will be at your disposal for future claim filing.
  2. Cleanup:  Cleaning is important because in many situations there is much to be cleaned by our professionals.  Household items are easily burnt after fires and require proper disposal. In terms of water damages cleanup it is important to remove any household items that have been permanently damage and clear the location for future removal of water.
  3. Removal: This is one of the major processes in our job that will occur while we are hired by you. Our services use the best equipment so that your home is relief of whatever damage is currently withholds.

Top of the line equipment

Water Damage:  Dehumidifiers, pumping units, air movers, water extractors…

Fire Damage: vacuuming, air purifier, odor removal, water extractors….

Mold Damage: moisture analysis, airborne samples, equipment monitoring, disinfectants..


Using the best equipment our team is able to restore the property, making sure that nothing is left unnoticed or treated. Restoration is what our company prides itself in, so that at the end of the day you have back your home in the best state possible.  Water, fire and mold damages tend to leave devastating damages to a house’s structure, the walls, the household items, the flooring, etc.  Having the years of experience we come to your home and take care of all that, containing the damaging and using this protocol to the best of our ability for you convenience.

Fast Services

            Even if you’re emergency strikes in the early hours of the morning you do not need to worry, our services are offered 24 hours of the day seven days of the week.  We prioritized in arriving to your location right away within the hour.  For any more questions about property damage and restoration services contact us at:  (626) 623-7288.